Hand made in Glastonbury by the very talented Kishi, from Kishi Bay Ceramics

Ixcacao is a handmade, ceramic, ornamental piece. Well suited for alters and mantel pieces. Built into her voluptuous shape, are breasts that resemble cacao pods and an offering bowl formed from her hands. Comes in one size.


Burning bright in the heart of Mayan mythology, the spirit of Ixcacao. An imaginative figure often seen dressed in white blossoms, the Goddess of cacao. Throughout time she has been worshiped alongside other agricultural deities.
In the Maya cosmology sitting at the centre of all is the ‘World Mountain’ a representation of nourishment and plenty, the source of all-important foods and ritual plants
of the Mayan people. This mountain arose from the sacrificed body of the Maize God a figure seen as the source of all life. It is said that his body was split by the Thunder God and liberated off-spring in the forms of other fruits, they are transmuted corn and seen as the faces of the children of the corn.
Ixcacao’s fruits are thought to have intoxicating and aphrodisiac properties, traditionally used in ceremony by being brewed into a spicy, bittersweet drink. Legends of people permitted to walk for days without food.
This magical mother who provides us with her joyous beans is surely one to be gratefully mindful of.

IxCacao Goddess

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