Peru Ucayali River cacao single origin 70% Dark Chocolate


Academy of Chocolate Award  "Commended"


Flavour Notes :Mocha expresso


Ucayali River Cacao is located near Pucallpa, Ucayali, Peru.  Until recently this area has not been known for fine cacao, but due to the efforts of USAID and Alianza Cacao of Peru there are farmers that are abandoning coca production for Cacao, Coffee and Oil Palm. URC is working together with USAID and Alianza Cacao of Peru to purchase raw material from these farmers at a price that is above market.   Thier goal is to produce a high quality fine cacao while helping these farmers earn a legitimate income rather than returning to coca production.

We have magaged to source these wonderful beans to produce a great craft chocolate. This bar has notes of mocha and dried plums.




 Ingredients :  Cacao Beans, Organic unrefined cane sugar, cacao butter


suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Peru Ucayali

VAT Included