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Come along to the Craft House to learn the art of chocolate tempering with Nettie, our Master Chocolatier.

What you will learn:

  • How to temper chocolate in small batches using several techniques, including tempering on marble slab and by seeding method
  • The different types of chocolates and where to get the best chocolate to work with.
  • Learn how to 'rescue' your chocolate when things go wrong
  • Use the tempered chocolate to create chocolate treats - such as bars, solid chocolate figures, lollipops or mendiants.
  • You will receive notes from the class so you can replicate tempering at home 


After you have made your treats, you will package up your creations to take home.


Refreshments will be provided on the day.


Before booking please inform us of any allergies that you may have.


Please note that we may have to cancel the class if we have low numbers. We will inform you in plenty of time and give you the opportunity to book onto another date.

Tempering Masterclass

VAT Included
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